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Consistently deploy business across applications, servers, networks, hypervisors and clients


  • BMC Mainframe Automation Management - mitigates the risks of outages by providing automated correct responses to conditions

  • BMC Control-M Workload Automation - Manage production scheduling across the enterprise from a single point of control, while also addressing security, reliability, availability, and scalability requirements

  • BMC Application Problem Resolution - Record application execution and capture a synchronized, real-time log of user actions, system events, performance metrics, configuration data, and code execution flow

  • BMC Middleware Management - Proactive management of a cross-enterprise view of the middleware environment provides IT with the critical context, leading to fewer service disruptions and quicker resolutions when problems do occur

  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management - Proactively detect and automatically resolve IT performance issues and sub-optimal configurations before users and services are negatively impacted

  • BMC Data Management for DB2, IMS, VSAM - Support and enhance the performance, availability, and recoverability of key systems and data across your enterprise

  • BMC Capacity Management - Automatically analyze, forecast, and optimize performance and capacity across all resources (IT and business) and environments — physical, virtual, and cloud

  • Event and Impact Management - Simplify and consolidate event and impact management, improve service performance and availability, reduce operational costs and minimize business risk by combining predictive analytics, proactive automation, and traditional event and service impact management capabilities in a single Proactive Operations platform for the modern data center

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